The Collective

your local designer consignment boutique


1. a cooperative enterprise.

late Middle English (in the sense ‘representing many individuals’): from Old French collectif, -ive or Latin collectivus, from collect- ‘gathered together,’ from the verb colligere
— Oxford Dictionary

The Shop

The Collective is a designer consignment boutique offering a curated collection of sought-after clothing, bags, shoes and accessories.  The shop is ONLY as good as its relationships with our consignors.  We build community while styling others in your treasures.  We're always looking for the hottest items and our merchandise is ALWAYS changing.  We're located right off the main drag in Summit, NJ on 31 Maple Street, a short 2 minute walk from the train station.  Come visit us!  If you don't live close by, shop our website and follow us on Instagram.  We ship!

The Process

Feel free to come in with your items you'd like to sell- no appointment necessary- no fees- no minimum amount of items.  Looking for designer clothing and accessories in like-new to gently used condition.  You will receive 40% of the selling price on clothing and shoes and receive 50-70% of the selling price on handbags.  You can receive a check for your sold items or use your earnings as store credit.  Your items will be on the selling floor for 60 days.  You have the opportunity to pick up your items at any time before the 60 days.  

Who Is The Collective?

Owner/stylist/collector Gabrielle Newkirk has 5+ years of retail/management/designer consignment experience and this is her first time opening her very own shop.  Lover of clothing, textiles, textures and cool spaces, a consignment shop of her own was always the idea.  She's combining designer clothing and accessories with a cool, boutique-like aesthetic.  When not at the store, she can be found making art, hanging out on her porch with her husband or walking her dogs on trails.