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Being grateful

Gabrielle Newkirk

'Tis the season to celebrate what we have.  What we are grateful for.  What we cherish.  This year I have learned so much about what it means to be human.  How to be me.  Losing a job I loved made me realize how tough I am, how I need to push through the pain in order to feel steady.  Losing a lot was scary but pushing through was necessary and makes me ME.  I am so grateful for every single thing that got me to this point.  Creating my dream job is so rewarding, something I had not expected to do at this point in the game but sometimes life gives you the shove you didn't know you needed.  The best part about my job is the people I get to know just by opening up my doors every single morning.  The Collective is a collaborative experience.  I strive to create not only a beautiful, well-curated store but community as well.  The people I know and don't know, who walk through these doors with clothing, stories, accessories, witty things to say ALL make my day.  Thank you for coming and celebrating each day with me.  Have a merry and bright holiday season.

In the beginning

Gabrielle Newkirk

So I lost my job about a month ago.  Right before that was when I was first forming the ideas of my own store.  My husband and I would brainstorm different names for the business.  It was all a hazy, exciting dream.  Now a few weeks later, those initial dreams are becoming a reality.  Thought becomes words, words become actions as they say.  And it's true.  I have always loved creating spaces, art, worlds within them.  Currently, I am creating my biggest world to date.  It only makes sense that I would create a new space in order to live my life the way I want: creatively, collectively, independently.  Lots of quotes and amazing advice has come my way from the very start of this new life I am creating.  One that really sticks, one that I've had in my head since I was maybe 8 years old is by hockey all-star Wayne Gretzky:  "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."  Seems silly and obvious, but it's true.  We can only win and make those "shots" if we ACTUALLY take them.  Keep swinging my dears.